What we do

She is the founder of Energy Healing Bliss & Esitas Life Coaching Pvt. Ltd .

Energy Healing Bliss focuses on offering therapies and healings through one on one sessions , through which , physical . emotional, mental and spiritual challenges of clients are addressed . Through a well-designed program consisting of Life Coaching , Healings & Therapies , clients are helped to move from a state of imbalance and dis-ease to health , Joy & Ease .

VedaPulse Wellness Lounge

A VedaPulse Lounge is a place where you can visit to get a VedaPulse Test done. You will also get recommendations based on the test about Lifestyle, Supplements, Diet, Ayurvada, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aroma Therapy, Physiotherapy & Acupuncture treatments .read more

Esitas Life Coaching Pvt. Ltd

This wing of the organization takes care of Trainer trainings, Teacher and Therapist trainings . The aim is to create more awareness amongst people by training more trainers and therapist so that we can touch as many lives as possible . We also conduct experiential workshops and retreats that has transformed thousands of Lives .

Corporate Workshops

Sahar conducts Corporate Workshops which unlike other corporate workshops do not focus on leadership and cut throat competition that exists in the corporate world. She believes every human being deserves nurturing, love and attention. She is of the opinion that Human Beings perform their best when they feel safe, loved, cared for and sense of belongingness. Her corporate workshops helps employees to recognise and acknowledge their true power, it helps them connect with each other from heart. Acknowledging and accepting each other, getting connected and understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how both the corporation and manpower can benefit from this connection. Employees are engaged in activities that help them melt the ice, understand differences, feel safe and at the same time empowered knowing how unique and beautiful every individual is hence improving work atmosphere and ensuring a bond and a sense of belongingness. She focuses on happier employees for a better more productive corporation .

Helping Hands: An extension

Sahar has been trying to help the educated through work and also she has been reaching out to people who have been less fortunate, for past 10 years. She believes one of the best ways to heal and evolve spiritually and personally is to serve the society and that is how she formed a non-formal forum called "Helping Hands", where a group of her students and clients have come together to help serve the society. It works to bring awareness to more people by spreading the message that, “it is through sharing that we can grow together as one society and one humanity beyond the boundaries of border, race, gender and language.

Helping Hands aims at helping the disadvantaged in the society, the courageous people, who are fighting the social indifference to complete their journey. Helping Hands endeavours and helps Acid Attack survivors, abused women & children, and the mentally and/or physically challenged, especially the ones who are afflicted by their families’ rejection.

We hope one day you join us too and help us heal our PLANET together!!