"Sahar Sukriti Shivam" is no one, she belong to nowhere, and yet is the very essence of Being !!

Unique to her name , her Journey too is unique . Sahar Sukriti Shivam was born to let go off the baggage of Nationality , separation of geographic boundaries , weight of religion & Heaviness of Ego of identifying with what the world gave her !!

“ The journey from Iran and Sahar Gharachorlou to India & Sahar Sukriti Shivam “

Originally an Iranian , Sahar Gharachorlou ( birth name ), was brought to India by the ladders of the game of destiny at a very young age of 19 , a place she desperately attempted to escape 13 times. Yet, as fate already had other plans , she continued to live in India, India being her base , finally became her home in 2017 . Too many turns and twists and snake bites in the game , she was thrown deep into darkness a few times , which lead her to look for a deeper meaning of life , first outside and slowly walking on the path of Self Realization , she delved within . Somewhere midway , she was made to drop all barriers , let go of her baggage of all kinds and be re-born as “ Sahar Sukriti Shivam “ , a name bestowed upon her by her Master !

Her Soul's Calling :


Sahar, is an Internationally Certified "Life Coach" and a Motivational Speaker.

She is a Trainer's Trainer for Silva UltraMind ESP (USA), Law of Attraction & Actualization, Past Life Regression Therapy , Inner Child Therapy, Family Constellation & Soul Macrocosm Drama, Rebirthing Breath-Work & Quantum Leap. She is an International "Heal Your Life" Seminar Leader and a Senior NLP practitioner, and also a writer. She has been known for her work in different Energy Healing & Therapy fields, as well as a writer , where, she has had various publications in different newspapers.

She is certified practitioner and teacher of more than 50 Holistic Healing modalities . Combining International trainings in management as a PMP professional and 13 years of corporate work experience with her Spiritual touch , she now helps people realize their potential of being Joyous human beings through a unique approach where she mixes practical day to day life suggestions with deep spiritual insight . She is known as a "Spiritual Life Coach" .

She also has her unique signature workshops, 7 Residential Retreats that, have helped heal many; through her work she has touched and positively affected many lives not only in India but across the globe.

Sahar, originally an Iranian is the New Age Mystic, who has embraced India as her home . She does not believe in the limitations of man-made barriers and separations caused by borders, religions , caste , creed or colour . She started at a very early age and realized accepting people as who they are was one quality that helped people open up their heart and feel the Joy of Life .

Sahar is a born psychic who received messages in her dreams. She recalls one such message at age of 14 awakened her to realise her calling, she was asked by her "Loving Light" to help people through "Card & Coffee Cup Reading" and "Future Telling".

In the formative years of her youth destiny brought her to India "... the cradle of the human race...." and it was here that she started her pursuit of acquiring spiritual knowledge at a young age . Her incessant hunger to learn & seek the truth resulted in evolving her as a compassionate, enlightened and empathizing therapist and Life Coach spreading peace and joy in lives of thousands of people. Psychology and matters of the mind fascinated her which led her to formally study Masters in Psychology. This successful management professional has a PG Diploma in Management Studies as well as a Project Management Professionals (USA) certification; she held various senior management positions and travelled to many countries on her work assignments. However, having completed 13 years of an illustrious career with international organizations her innate calling took her to choose a different life in 2010 when she started "Energy Healing Bliss" to focus completely on empowering people in their professional and personal lives.

Sahar believes every human life has a great potential and each being is worthy of love and happiness, and can achieve all that he desires by un-create all that is keeping him from reaching his optimal self. Her passion to empower people makes her facilitate them to understand their natural abilities and true capacities to consistently perform at their best leading them to a joyous Life.

Her traditional education and training in Psychology layered with professional experience of managing people topped with more than 50 certifications in Holistic Health programs have helped her in understanding the ways to tap into the potential of human mind to maintain a good balance of professional and personal life.

She is very happy to play a catalytic role in people rediscovering their - inner-self, balanced of emotions and energies, better health, well-being, personal development and spiritual awareness.She has facilitated hundreds of people to de-stress, rejuvenate and re-discover their life's passion and live their dream life with effortless ease.

Sahar's journey on this path began about the age of 14 with her curiosity for the complexity of physical existence. She was drawn into studying subjects like people behaviour, the mind-body-soul connection, parapsychology and the world beyond the physical senses. She believes everything is possible and life is Magic, all that we need to do is to choose what we truly desire; she believes life is a state of health & joy, it is possible to achieve a lot and accomplish all our goals if we so wish and this is the driving force that has made her be where she is today, determined to help people empower themselves.